It all started when my mom gifted me a simple point and shoot Canon Powershot. I was just a tour guide taking underwater photos for tourists at the time. It was a sad day when my camera ceased to work while on one of my underwater adventures. It was in 2010 that I started under the tutorage of Paul Orchard, and I began mastering the art of pressing a button. What began as a hobby, has since grown into a passion of mine. From landscapes, to animals and people; I find beauty in all things. Through time and much experience, I have learned that there is no mastering this ever evolving art form and I strive to keep up with this exciting world. It is not my goal to merely take a photo, but to create a masterpiece; a visually stunning piece of art; a memory that will live on for eternity. I have only just begun this journey, and I look forward to the places it will take me.


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